An Easy Guide for Getting from Milan Airports to the City

Milan is a very beautiful city located in northern Italy, not far from the sea, nor from the Alps. With many attractions like the columns of San Lorenzo or the Milan Cathedral, it may be your dream vacation. You may easily call it a world capital of fashion, nightlife, but also a historical city. However, in order to visit the city, you will need transportation from the airport.

The two main airports in Milan are Milan Malpensa and Linate. Another airport called Orio al Serio serves only for low-cost flights. Below, we have gathered some tips and tricks to get you safely from one place to another. Also, you can click here for more information about airport transfers.


The most comfortable way to get to the city is by taxi. At the airport entrance, taxis are waiting for a ride and they are there around the clock. However, there might be times when you will need to wait if the airport is crowded.

To avoid waiting for ages, the best solution is to book a private taxi from a Milan airport taxi service. These taxis are named NCC (noleggio con conducente). That roughly translates to “rent a driver”. With fixed prices (luggage included), these cars will go where you want – from any airport, obviously.


If you land at Milan Malpensa airport, there are two terminals. Terminal 1 is for intercontinental flights and terminal 2 for low-cost flights. Both terminals are linked to shuttle buses. Seats can be also booked prior to your landing. And not only that you can book seats, but you can also hire an entire bus for large groups.

As for the Linate airport, it is located 7 km from Milan’s city center. This airport serves for intern flights, but also for flights around Europe. Buses are also available by request prior to your landing and not only. For smaller groups, a minivan or a minibus can be rented too.

From Orio al Serio airport, there are several public transport links. These include private coaches as well. The private coaches link the airport to Milan and not only. From the airport, you can go to Bergamo, Brescia and many more destinations.


If you land on Milan Malpensa airport but cabs and buses won’t suit you, you can go by train. Trenitalia is the main Italian railway company. The arsenal to get you from point A to point B includes even high-speed trains. There are almost 39 trains per day traveling back and forth between 6 AM and 11 PM.

From the airport to the city center, a journey lasts up to 55 minutes. If you plan your vacations on holidays or weekends, the journey may take longer. Prices start from 13 euros and discounts are also available for people under 30 and over 60.

From Orio al Serio, the train station is located 3.5 miles away. The best way is to get a 10-minute bus drive from outside the airport.

As a conclusion, getting from one place to another is tricky. But Milan has an advanced network of transportation for tourists. From stand-alone taxis, to pre-booked taxis, trains, and buses, this city has it all.

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