Enjoy London after dark – three things to see and do as the nights draw in

There is no truer way of describing a London night than saying “it swallows you” (Sebastian Faulks). Taking a step out into the darkness of London can bring with it an explosion of culture, entertainment and fun, however it can also be difficult to discern what events should be seen in the day and what should be seen at night. This list will certainly assist in sorting this by suggesting some fun events that can only be experienced once the night falls.

  1. For the Knowledge Seekers- A Night at the Museum.

Whilst the Natural History Museum is an essential visit in any traveller’s itinerary in London, save your time in the day for more tourist destinations by booking a sleepover within the museum’s great halls. With a “Dino Snores” event, you (and any group that tag along in your travels) can enjoy an adult night filled with live music, edible insect tasting, a three course meal and even a dinosaur themed games room. There is even a chance to visit temporary exhibits and visit the galleries without being crowded by other tourists.

It is a chance to experience an all-nighter with the marble father of evolution, Darwin himself, watching over you. To sweeten the deal, there is even a hot breakfast and a chance of a Yoga session waiting for you in the morning.

  1. For those looking for a fright- Scary Tours and Animals.

For those who dare venture out to see the spookier side of London, there are the tours for ghost hunting and historical horrors, such as the “Jack the Ripper” ghost tour. But for a night that reveals hidden stories of London, as well as providing comical entertainment, you can jump on a spooky ghost bus tour and allow yourself to be taken to all of London’s hidden horrors, all from the safe buckling and comfort of your seat.

If these thrills sound too hair raising, then there are always the spooky animals that can be seen on tours, such as the Bat Tours in Hyde Park, which offer the chance to use a bat-detector to detect (and even translate) the calls of these little creatures of the night.

  1. For the Music Loving Tourist- Let’s Rock the Boat!

Whilst it is always nice to rest at your hotel at night, a recommendation being the Dorsett Hotel, Shepherds Bush, why not travel the Thames in style, such as by a boat which incorporates a silent disco into its voyage. Silent Sounds Boat Party is an ideal method to explore the city whilst also partying with friends in a silent disco. It is a chance to see a number of iconic travel spots in London, including Big Ben and The London Eye, and also dance the night away, all the while your headphones will safely contain all music choices without disturbing your fellow party boaters.

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