Planning a Lavish Event? Why It is All in the Details

Planning a lavish event? Whether it is a wedding, anniversary party, birthday party or a corporate event you will no doubt be feeling a huge amount of stress and pressure. This is perfectly understandable as you will want it to be a special and memorable event but there is a huge amount that goes into putting on a large event. These are the main areas that you will need to consider.


First, you need to find the perfect venue for your event. This should be somewhere that dazzles your guests with plenty of space for the whole party plus it should be easy to access with ample parking. You may want to find somewhere with suitable accommodation nearby or at least good transportation links.


When it comes to hosting a lavish event, it is the small details that will make a big impact. It is, of course, important to consider the larger parts like the venue, food and entertainment, but the small details will be what stands out to people when they look back. A few examples of small details that can have a huge impact include personalised gifts for each recipient and careful thought when it comes to table decoration. There should be a consistent theme and nice touches that will reflect the occasion and provide plenty of talking points.


It is very easy for weddings and other parties all to merge into one when looking back at them, but not if a special effort has been made for personalisation. This could involve having a slideshow of photographs, have people giving speeches and personalised table decoration.


In addition to the smaller details, you will also find that lighting can have a huge impact as this is how you set the mood. When used correctly, lighting can create a magical experience inside and set the right ambience. There are many brilliant ways to use lighting at a lavish event, but a few good examples include using fairy lights and candles on each table.


Following on from this, you need to carefully think about the decoration as this will also help to set the mood. How you decorate the venue will depend on your own personal taste and the purpose for the event, but be sure to carefully think about the best type of decoration and stick to one particular theme. If you are struggling, you could always ask for suggestions or speak to a professional. You should also avoid overdecorating the venue as this can feel a cramped and chaotic feel – it is better to have more space so that your guests can easily walk around and socialise with one another.

These are the main areas to consider when hosting a lavish event. Although you will inevitably spend a lot of time thinking about the food, entertainment and other big areas of the party, it is also vital that you take the time to consider the smaller details as these are often what will stand out and make the party more memorable.

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