The changing face of gambling in the modern world

Gambling is becoming a plausible and popular past time in the UK. It’s no longer the bastion of old men in waistcoats, smoking cigarettes to the numb whilst pouring over the racing pages.

In 2018, many people enjoy a flutter every now and again, some betting very modest sums each weekend on racing, boxing and, most likely of all, football.

Thanks to the rise of the smartphone, placing bets and collecting winnings has never been easier. You don’t have to hand over a crisp five-pound note and one win can set a gambler up for a season.

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Winning isn’t as hard as you might imagine either. No longer do you have to bet on a winner or a loser, nor do you have to pick three games all to have the same outcome. Now, you can pick teams you think might score, those you think won’t and even go for more in-depth results.

Do you think Manchester City will win this weekend with Gabriel Jesus getting the goal? There will be a market for that.

Casual gambling has become a part of our society and the gateway opened back in 1994 with the first ever National Lottery draw. Once those numbers began to pop out every week, putting a small sum of money on a random outcome became commonplace.

Your Grandad had the pools, your Dad had the National lottery and now you have a huge range of options when it comes to throwing small sums of money on the thrill of possibly winning a lot.

Some might like to find a site that offers different roulette tables and to indulge in a game of chance. Some people like that element of gambling, that one chance they have to strike big.

Roulette – By Ralf Roletschek – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Whilst that type of gambling is akin to the National Lottery, there’s a group of people who do not want to leave these things to chance. They’re the ones who, back in the eighties, might have studied form guides and the like. Their 2018 counterparts study football.

There’s no doubt football is the most watched game in the world and therefore more people than ever before are thinking they might be able to get around the odds. Now, instead of form guides, fans are looking for the one chance their knowledge can get them ahead of the game.

If you support Lincoln City, for instance, and you know your keeper is carrying an injury, you might be tempted to bet against your side to keep a clean sheet. Any betting site worth its salt will have spotted it, but that doesn’t stop the belief that you’re indulging in a game of skill, not one of chance.

Next time you’re speaking to a non-gambler and you see that familiar crumple of the eyelids when you say you’re placing a bet, show them this article. Explain to them that gambling responsibly is no longer about smoky bookmakers and chasing your losses.

Nowadays, it is far more refined and acceptable and sport in general is all the better for it.

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