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About the Book:


Author: Darby Karchut

Pub. Date: October 2, 2018

Publisher: Owl Hollow Press

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 224

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“Ride hard, swing hard, and take out as many of those creepy critters as you can.”

Twelve year old Matt Del Toro is the greenest greenhorn in his family’s centuries-old business: riding down and destroying wolf-like monsters, known as skinners. Now, with those creatures multiplying, both in number and ferocity, Matt must saddle up and match his father’s skills at monster whacking. Odds of doing that? Yeah, about a trillion to one. Because Matt’s father is the legendary Javier Del Toro—hunter, scholar, and a true caballero: a gentleman of the horse.

Luckily, Matt has twelve hundred pounds of backup in his best friend—El Cid, an Andalusian war stallion with the ability of human speech, more fighting savvy than a medieval knight, and a heart as big and steadfast as the Rocky Mountains.

Serious horse power.

Those skinners don’t stand a chance.


The horses slowed, then wheeled around and stopped, blowing hard and snorting. I squinted at the Gate.

The foremost skinner slid to a halt just inside the opening. From the shadow, it glared at us, teeth bared. The rest of the pack milled behind it, shapes in the darkness.

I leaned around Roman for a better look, wincing as the movement pulled at the scratches. “What happens if they try to leave the Maze?”

Dad and Roman exchanged glances. Then, with a faint smile, my father hooked his mace on the horn, then swung out of the saddle and dropped to the ground.

“Really, Javier,” El Cid grumbled. “Is this necessary?”

“Necessary? No. Educational? Yes.” Dad strolled forward a few yards and stood there, holding his weaponless hands out.

“Is he baiting them?” Ben asked.

Roman nodded. I noticed he kept his weapon at the ready. “It is very hard for a skinner to resist a human on foot. After all, we are their favorite meal.”

“But won’t the wards stop them?” I glanced up at the tops of the buttes on either side of the Gate. “I mean, would the skinners even try?”

“It depends on how hungry they are.” He paused, then added. “Or if there is enough of them.”

“You mean enough to swamp the wards,” Ben said.

. While the queen’s wards are muy powerful, they cannot hold back an overwhelming force at one time. In a mass assault, some creatures will get through. That is why we hunt on a regular basis. To thin the evil we guard.”

I thought of the descendants of the Knights of the Coffer living secret lives all over the Southwest: The Navarres in New Mexico. The Montoya’s enormous extended family—currently led by four sisters—down in Arizona. The Reyes clan over in Utah. And more hunters spread across Texas, Nevada, and California. For the first time, I wondered just how much evil had been dumped in the New World.

“And you two should know, especially you, Ben, that one of the finest and most respected hunters alive is that hombre loco right there.” Roman pointed his mace at our father.

Chewing on that statement and my lower lip, I eyed Dad. The whole time, the skinner snarled and growled, pacing back and forth—a shark cruising the waves for surfers. Its mad eyes never left my father.

Dad took another step and spread his arms wider.

About Darby:

Darby Karchut is an award-winning author, dreamer, and compulsive dawn greeter. A proud native of New Mexico, she now lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where she runs in blizzards and bikes in lightning storms.

When not dodging death by Colorado, Darby is busy wrangling words.

Her books include the best selling middle grade series, THE ADVENTURE OF FINN MacCULLEN. Coolest thing ever: her YA debut novel, GRIFFIN RISING, has been optioned for film.

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