The Costs of Building Iconic Pop Culture Structures (infographic)

Have you ever wondered what it would take to build a real life Death Star? What about the Wall at Castle Black? The truth behind many of these fictional structures is that building them to scale would require more resources and manpower than some of the greatest architectural marvels of our time. Not only that, some of these structures are just beyond us. Take the USS Enterprise, for instance. We have yet to scratch the surface of the technological advancements required to construct a ship that could fly for years into the dark expanses and unknowns of outer space.

Yet, despite our limitations, something about building these fictional masterpieces is so inspiring that we still dwell on the idea, wondering if, somehow, it would ever be possible to replicate them. Well, BigRentz decided to look into the costs of building these iconic pop culture structures to see what it would cost to recreate them in real life.

From Hogwarts Castle to the Bat Cave, take a look at what it would take to make these fictional structures happen.

The Costs of Building Iconic Pop Culture Structures

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