Wearing your bracelet with style and individuality each time

The minute I came across Creative Puddles (discount code below) I was totally amazed by the range of styles  of bracelet available and also the charms too. I love wearing jewellery to add the extra touch to all outfits but I have noted recently that there are a few items in my selection that really don’t go with a lot of options. I have a lot of purple bangles and bracelets and that can limit their use of course with other colours. It’s also lovely to let those who see you everyday or maybe at work, that your bracelet looks a little different than the last time they saw it.

A lot of the bracelets are adjustable so if you are buying a gift for someone, you won’t need to worry about their wrist size. The charms just snap off so you can easily create a new look for your bracelet too.

Adult bracelets are £12 and there is a kids version at £8. Of the selection of bracelets available there is so much choice, two of my favourites are the black loop bracelet ( see above right) and the silver elegant stretch bracelet (see below left). Both of these are £12 which is great value and then you can select your charm to make your bracelet individual.

Each charm is £2 so with your bracelet at £12, you’re looking at £14 for one bracelet. How amazing is this for gifts? Christmas is of course coming and there’s also birthdays, Valentine’s Day and I really think they’d make a great bridesmaid gift too. With the charms being £2 you could easily spend a little more to get a couple of different styles to add some more looks for your arm.

Here are some of my favourites from the charm collection;

You can check out these charms and the rest of the charm collection HERE. There are also cufflinks and keyrings too!

Also, recently launched are these silver, gunmetal and bronze mix jewellery which can be shaped however you want them to! Make them into a necklace or a bracelet, they fit any size too and are just £15.

I have a 10% discount code for anything you buy from Creative Puddles, use the code SARAH10 and you can go through my link here https://creativepuddles.com/discount/SARAH10. 

You can also see more about Creative Puddles on twitter, facebook, instagram and pinterest.

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