Who are the world’s biggest sugar consumers this halloween?

With halloween upon us tomorrow, everyone is stocking their cupboards with sweet and chocolates for the trick-or-treaters to indulge on, whilst quite possibly indulging in one or two ourselves…

But just how much sugar are we consuming as a country? Sugar content has been a hot topic of conversation of late with the rise of obesity and particularly with the Sugar Tax implementation in April this year.

It appears that global consumption of this sweet stuff continues to soar, as this year it’s been predicted figures will exceed 177 tons. But which country is taking the crown for the largest sugar consumption?

UK insurance provider Protectivity has analysed data on human sugar consumption figures to discover which countries are consuming the most sugar per capita, and some of the results may surprise you.

The top ten biggest sugar consumers are:

United Arab Emirates – 214 kg per person, per year
Djibouti – 193 kg per person, per year
Belize – 106 kg per person, per year
Bahrain – 93 kg per person, per year
Mauritania – 87 kg per person, per year
Cuba – 68 kg per person, per year
Belarus – 62 kg per person, per year
Guyana – 60 kg per person, per year
Malaysia – 57 kg per person, per year
Israel – 56 kg per person, per year

The United Arab Emirates takes first place with a whopping 213 kilograms per person, which is a staggering 53,591 teaspoons. Per day that is a worrying 147 teaspoons per person on average. With the recommended sugar allowance being just 30 grams (5 teaspoons) for people aged 11 and over, UAE sees figures nearly 30 times higher than this.

The top ten smallest sugar consumers are:

North Korea – 0.11 kg per person
Afghanistan – 1 kg per person
Niger – 1 kg per person
The Democratic Republic of the Congo – 2 kg per person
Chad – 2 kg per person
Paraguay – 2 kg per person
Guinea-Bissau – 3 kg per person
Central African Republic – 3 kg per person
Burundi – 3 kg per person
Burkina Faso – 3 kg per person

At just 118 grams per person each year, North Korea’s sugar consumption doesn’t even make it to one full teaspoon, however it’s worth considering the limited data we have on North Korea. The country with the second least amount of sugar consumed is Afghanistan. The results of all the countries analysed shows a real mix in where the biggest sugar consumers are. With the likes of the UK coming in as the world’s 68th biggest consumers with 30 kilograms per person each year, and the US coming in at 54th. In Europe, Belarus has the sweetest tooth, with 62 kilograms consumed each year per person.

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