5 of the best gifts I’ve had for Christmas

Buying gifts can be difficult for some and especially these days when people are more likely to buy products that they need when they want to. How can you buy a gift for someone who says to you “Oh, I don’t know what I want” so here are some of the gifts I have received when I have been a difficult present giver – hahaha!

Gift Experiences

I absolutely love gifts that mean that you get to use them throughout the year. I always get concert tickets from family to make the christmas spirit carry on. There are some many concerts next year; Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Muse and more and don’t forget about getting tickets for the West End.

I have been hinting about Jerry Seinfeld tickets and I know the kids have been hinting about seeing Marvel Universe Live!

It’s a good place to look on bestseller gift experiences for ideas for everyone you might be stuck buying a gift for, afternoon teas, spa days and more.

Also, a friend of mine bought me a magazine subscription which was a great idea!

Making a Wishlist

Super obvious way of getting the gifts that you want is to make a wishlist. This could be a handwritten list but I tend to use the most obvious one, the Amazon Wishlist. I normally create one for my birthday and christmas and you can easily share them with friends and family. I find this is also the easiest way to shop for gifts too, I can just log into my account and see my friends and family lists and buy from there. Shopping from my sofa is always awesome. Getting gifts from my wishlist is a sure way of getting what you want, I tend to fill mine with books.

Shopping from Etsy

Quite a lot of my shopping does come from smaller sellers and I do use the Handmade at Amazon a bit whilst doing wishlist shopping. But I do find some great ideas for myself on Etsy throughout the year, mostly through finding sellers on instagram. A lot of the gifts can be personalised too. I also love their selection of Christmas decorations. I always love the extra personalisation.

Jewellery and Scents

I do tend to think of jewellery and perfume more at Christmas than at birthdays. I know that someone will always buy me a necklace or perfume and that is fine. Obviously hints are always good and I know there’s a load of jewellery gift ideas online and on the high street. I do wear a load of different fragrances so I know it must be difficult for others to purchase what they think I might like. I know that a few times people have used a fragrance finder to get more of an idea. I have used this too!

Make something

Christmas really can be an expensive time of year and you can feel expected to keep up with everyone else. Some of my favourite gifts over the years have been homemade. I love receiving jams and chutneys and there are so many ideas on the internet for making your own. Cookies, chocolate bark and more have become ideas for kids to make and not forgetting gingerbreads. We’ve started a Pinterest board for making gifts.


These are just ideas that might help you buy that a gift that you’re just not sure about. The last one is definitely one that we all recommend. It is such a great extra touch to celebrating your Christmas day, whatever you do.

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