Which NASA Inventions Do You Use Every Day?

Each and every day we use some amazing technology around our homes. Things that are designed to make our lives easier, more comfortable, more fun and even healthier. We take many of these for granted and often don’t give a lot of thought to how they came about. The truth is, you can thank NASA for a lot more of these than you might expect. Whilst preparing for missions and developing their technology, NASA has invented so many incredible things.

So, which NASA inventions do you use every day? The answer might surprise you. Express Doors Direct have boldly gone into the archives to find out.

In the kitchen, you’ll find enriched baby formula, freeze dried food, and food safety standards. These all came about through NASA’s need to keep crews healthy on long missions without refrigeration. Proper nutrition is extremely important for astronauts but their needs in space can vary from those required on earth. Nevertheless, each and every day we benefit from food safety guidelines that initiated from NASA’s research. Babies are fed formula that’s even more nourishing thanks to the addition of synthesised omega-3 fatty acids, and freeze dried food can be used for convenience.

The mission wasn’t to help you sleep better, but mattresses have been transformed by NASA’s invention of memory foam.  This squidgy material moulds to the shape of the body for extra comfort, and was developed for space shuttle seat safety and comfort. Whilst astronauts rely on its shock absorbing abilities, today we enjoy it whilst we snooze in comfort, and even feel like we’re walking on air when we don a pair of shoes with a memory foam insole.

Around the household, fun items like super soakers, joysticks and digital cameras wouldn’t exist without the work of NASA. Whilst their origins may have been for different purposes like spacecraft training simulators, documenting interplanetary missions and refrigeration systems, the technologies developed have been adapted to allow us to enjoy our free time. Useful appliances like the cordless vacuum also originate from NASA research, helping us get mundane jobs done with ease. In space the same technology was used for vacuum drills created to take lunar samples. And outside your front door, grooves in the road help to slow cars down safely thanks to NASA. If they can slow a spacecraft travelling at 200mph, why not apply the same principle to making our roads safer?

So now you know about some of the inventions that have improved our home and lifestyle. A walk around your home might be a little closer to space travel than you used to think! NASA’s patent portfolio covers more than 1,000 technologies that are available for industry use through licencing agreements. But in 2016 they also released 56 of their previously patented technologies into the public domain. These technologies can have non-aerospace applications and have been released to help encourage entrepreneurship and improve lives. As a result of this, plenty more everyday items with NASA origins are likely to enter your home in the near future!

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