4 Reasons Your Small Business Benefits From Internet Marketing

It wasn’t long ago that most small businesses would do all of their marketing using signage on the property, junk mail coupons sent out at random, some flyers printed out at Kinko’s and maybe a spot on local radio or in the newspaper. You can still reach new customers that way, but most small business marketing efforts these days are being done on the internet.

If you’re not yet decided about whether internet marketing is right for your business, then consider these four reasons why many businesses have already switched over.

1. Customers Spend More Time Online Than Ever Before

According to a July 2018 Nielsen survey, U.S. adults spend more than four hours per day surfing the internet on home computer, laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices. That’s a substantial chunk of time that your target customers are spending connected to the internet. And if they aren’t seeing your ads, then they’re seeing those of your competitors.

Small businesses can’t afford to watch and wait to see if this whole internet thing turns out to be a fad. It’s not a trend or a fad. It’s the future. No, actually it’s the present. So now is the time to overcome your hesitations and start learning how you can market your business using the power of the internet and social media marketing.

2. Social Media Ads Are Very Cost-Effective

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are massively popular, and all of them offer ways for small businesses to advertise their products and services for a fraction of the cost of big media advertisements on television, radio, billboards and magazines.

In fact, compared to those other advertising outlets, digital marketing is unbelievably underpriced at this point in time. As more businesses realize how cost-effective digital ads are, the pricing will only increase as more businesses shift from big media to internet marketing.

But the relatively low cost isn’t the only thing to get excited about. With social media ads, Facebook marketing and ads on other platforms, you can zero in very effectively on your target demographic. Using keywords and user data, you can put your ads in front of social media users based on age, location, hobbies, occupation and similar characteristics. That’s powerful.

3. SEO Can Bring You New Customers on Autopilot

If you don’t yet have a blog on your company website, then you need to get one started right away. A regularly updated blog can attract new customers around the clock. Inbound marketing uses a variety of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to attract new readers from search engines like Google and Bing. By following SEO best practices, your blog will turn into a lead magnet that can capture new potential customers on autopilot.

People are searching for goods and services every day using search engines. They might not have ever heard of your company, but if your blog has good content on it that effectively targets the same keywords that these searchers are using online, then there’s a good chance that they’ll come across your blog. From there, you can get them to join your email list or fill out a contact form from which your sales reps can follow up.

4. You’re Already Missing Out on Sales

But attracting and capturing fresh leads isn’t the only thing that your website and blog can do. Depending on the type of products and services that you offer, in many cases you can easily make sales right on your website. With online checkout, new customers can fill up their digital shopping cart and make purchase right there on your site.

You don’t need an employee to complete the transaction. It doesn’t have to happen during business hours either. Once your website is set up to process credit card purchases, you can make sales around the clock with no additional work from you or your employees. It’s all done electronically – right there on your website.

As you can see, there are tons of benefits that internet marketing can bring to your small business. Other companies have been doing business online for years, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for you. There is no better time than now to learn about online marketing and the various platforms and strategies that you can use to market your brand and make more sales using the internet.

D2 Branding Marketing and Web Design facilitates a customized social media plan for businesses to capture new customers, interact with current customers, solve customer service problems and create loyal, raging fans!

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