A third of Brits get creative with their Christmas trees post festive season

Great Britain consumes about seven million Christmas trees every year – but what happens to them all after the celebrations are over? Nearly a third of Brits will do something more creative and sustainable than simply throwing out their Christmas tree, according to new data.

The research – which was commissioned by Tree2mydoor – shows that 17 per cent of people with real Christmas trees this year plan to replant it somewhere outdoors, seven per cent will use it as a material to turn into decorative items, and six per cent will use it as a cooking ingredient.

A third of people with real Christmas trees will take it to the tip, 19 per cent will leave it out for the local council to collect and 18% will chop it up to use as firewood.

Gareth Mitchell, founder of online tree and plant gift retailer Tree2mydoor, said: “Our business is all about offering long-lasting, meaningful and sustainable gifts. But we know that after the festive season is over, many trees are destined for the bin. It’s promising to see though that nearly a third of people are planning on reusing their tree in a more creative way after Christmas.”

While some people may choose to replant their Christmas tree in the garden, there are some initiatives that use trees to help protect areas of natural beauty.

And surprisingly for some, there are even a number of food and drink recipes that use pine needles as a fragrant ingredient.

For more information about how to keep your Christmas tree looking fresher for longer before you reuse or recycle it, read Tree2mydoor’s ultimate Christmas tree care guide.

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