Can you spot the 6 hidden treats in this festive puzzle?

There are just a few days to go until Santa will be coming down our chimneys and delivering presents and we are stuffing our faces with Christmas turkey – the thought of New Year’s resolutions pushed to the back of our mind. However, it’s all too easy to let the pressure of last minute gift shopping and final preparations get the better of us in this busy period. Surely, it’s time for a break!

To remind us this is the time of year to relax and catch up with friends and family, HotSpring World have released a fun and festive brainteaser, depicting Santa and his helpers relaxing after another successful year.

In this Boxing Day party scene, the elves are building snowmen and playing around the Christmas tree, while Santa and his reindeers relax in the hot tub – unaware that one ambitious snowman is about to perform an ill-considered cannonball!

Despite the party mood, one cheeky elf has decided to hide all the treats, and with no festive food or drink the party is going to grind to a halt. Can you help save Santa’s Boxing Day party? You need to find a mince pie, a bottle of Brandy, a Gingerbread man, a Christmas pudding, a Christmas cookie and the all-important Christmas turkey! If you’re really struggling, you can find examples of what you are looking for below the puzzle itself.

On average, it’s taking HotSpring World workers 1 minute and 21 seconds to find all six of the hidden items. In that time, you could listen to the classic festive tune, Joy to the World by Nat King Cole, or you could just about make it through half of the 2018 John Lewis Christmas advert. Can you find the missing items any faster?

Those that have already completed the brainteaser are saying it is the Christmas pudding that has stumped them the most. Although, one gave up completely and decided to look for some of the festive treats elsewhere. ‘I can’t find the cookie. I think there’s one in the kitchen… I’ll find that instead’

The creators of the tricky puzzle said, ‘So many people get stressed out over this festive season, we wanted to create a brainteaser that reminds people to relax over the Christmas break. We all love a puzzle and what’s better than imagining Santa in a hot tub?’

After all, this is not the time for stress and worry, it’s time for fun and treats. Now, where are those cookies…?

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