How to organise a Christmas party!

Organising a Christmas party for your workplace or perhaps you’re arranging one for you and your friends, it all needs planning. We’ve some experience in organising parties and especially Christmas ones so here are our tips for the best festive party.

Get planning

As soon as you can, get planning. You’ll find that venues book up pretty quick at Christmas so as soon as you can book ahead. Try to find out the numbers you’ll be allowed, whether a deposit is needed and what the menu is. Be sure to get everyone’s dietary needs covered. In London, there are so many choices of venue so be sure to check this website for availability.

Get out of the office

You don’t want to spend more time than is necessary at work so don’t have it there. This is where you could spend a last minute party though, so if you have nothing planned don’t be completely put off.

Party theme

Obviously this party has the most obvious theme with Christmas but are you going to specify more than that. Christmas games and Christmas hats are popular choices.

Send invites

Once the date is confirmed, send invites and get your confirmed numbers. It might be easier to do this via email so you can sort everything related to the party into a folder. Set a deadline for when you need people to confirm by as you’ll need to let your venue know too.


Maybe as part of your theme you could have a quiz and whoever wins gets a prize. Doesn’t have to be expensive but some Christmas related fun. You might even be able to get your boss to donate a prize…


The venue will probably have their own Christmas themed decorations but you can normally ask if there’s anything you want to add to the tables. Maybe you want to use a seating plan and have name places out. You might want to put crackers on the table and perhaps other ideas based on your theme too. Most venues understand and will help you get the ideal table sorted for your party.

It’s their party too!

Don’t forget that whilst you are organising this party that it isn’t just your party. Be sure to ask for ideas and help, it can be a lot of extra work organising a party so be sure to ask. You’ll find that you’ll get a few ideas from others which will help you to stay on plan for remembering that this isn’t just your party.

Take photos

Everyone has a smartphone these days so there will be lots of opportunities for people snapping away. You can ask for people to share their photos of the event to brighten up the office. It can certainly help brighten up January to see happy photos from a party!


With these tips you should have no problem in organising your Christmas party. Just remember to avoid having too much alcohol and remember to book the party when you don’t have to work the next day! Enjoy.

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