My love for photography has changed over time

I’ve always been intrigued by photography, this started very much by family photos. My Dad was always taking photos of us as a family growing up and soon enough he was showing me how to take my own. Of course I started off by cutting off people’s heads or missing the entire object altogether. It was something I never gave up with and always wanted to get better at. I remember going through family photo albums or holiday photos and wanting to have my own collection of photo albums when I got older.

Who can forget sitting for your school photos? Did you have individual ones or class ones. At my secondary school, there was an entire school photo and I remember it took ages to setup for. It seems portrait photography is more for events or occasions after these early school photos; weddings, graduation or perhaps baby photos. I found out about Bidvine through a recommendation where you can post a request for a project you need and then you can ask some questions to find the right person for the job. Bidvine won’t share your contact details unless you’re ready to work with the chosen person. Really cuts out a lot of work for us, right? Try finding a portrait photographer on Bidvine and see just how easy it is.

In my teens I got my first proper camera – proper, because I got a lense on the front of it that could be screwed in. I felt very professional and this was when I got more into long distance photography and family holidays it was me that suggested walking away from castles and up hills so that I could take the shot I wanted. I also used to study the sea and hope to see a seal or sealion. I was very much after a photo that I could share with others.

Past my teens and photography seemed to stop a little… I guess because I was no longer going on family holidays and instead was off with friends and I didn’t feel I had the same urge to photograph. The emergence of the smartphone changed the scene for me even more. We were all looking down into our phones instead of looking up and taking the photos of the world around us.

Websites like Flickr and of course Instagram helped to get people focused more on using their cameras or smartphones for taking photos again. Well, that’s what it felt like for me. I’ve got a digital camera still and I did have it past my teens but I guess I prefer using my phone to take photos now. Let’s face it that smartphones are pretty great cameras and it can be annoying to carry a camera with you. Times really have changed in that front too, we want to be carrying less and I know I prefer a smaller bag on days out.

The emergence of selfies and of course filters has offered a slightly fake look onto photography. It’s still an art though but I think because of the selfie trend that a lot have got more self conscious about having their photo taken and you can overhear especially this time of year at Christmas parties when people exclaim “Can you put a filter on me please”.

Of course, the ease of using a smartphone and having it with you means that more people are taking photos now and they are I guess cheaper in the long run than needing more photography equipment. But I have been tempted to get a DSLR and I think it’s something I should think about more into 2019. Ooh a New Year Resolution maybe!

I think the introduction of the smartphone has been good for people who like to take photos and maybe don’t want the hassle of carrying around another camera. But also, the technology advancements with DSLR’s have also been good for the keen photographer too. A win-win I think.

What do you think? Do you take more photos now or less?

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