Politics & Family Matters Are The Main Arguments This Christmas

Politics is likely to be the cause of arguments in 1 in 5 arguments in British households this Christmas, new research finds.

Conducted by online retailer Christmas Tree World, the study of 1,000 UK residents revealed that 20% of arguments this festive season will be fueled by politics in some form. Examples of potential arguments included Brexit and Donald Trump.

This was the highest cause of arguments for 25-34 year olds (27.4%). Northern Ireland was the most likely part of the UK to argue over Brexit (18.8%).

The most common cause of arguments was family matters (29.6%). Examples of family arguments included not seeing certain family members, family not pulling their weight, and other ongoing disputes. 35-44 year olds were most likely to argue over family matters (36%), with 25-34 year olds the least likely (22.2%). The North West of England was the most likely part of the UK to argue about family (44%).

Money and financial matters is also likely to be a cause of arguments this Christmas (17.3%). The data shows that money is a source of tension for younger people, with the 18-24 (21.4%) and 25-34 (22.2%) age groups most likely to squabble over finances.

There are also a number of gender differences in the types of arguments we may have at Christmas. Men are more likely than women to argue about politics (26% vs 18.2%) and money (19% vs 15.7%) , while women are more likely to argue about family (27.8% vs 31.3%).

Other potential arguments listed in the research include people spending too much time on their mobile phones, having to work too much, and getting into a rage over board games.

Christmas Tree World’s Lawrence Evans commented: “While Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy and merriment, for many it can be the cause of arguments and anxiety. Politics is always a hot topic but right now it feel impossible to escape from it, so I imagine it will crop up during a fair few Christmas dinners. However, with family-related arguments being the most common source of tension, it shows just how difficult some people find Christmas. While we do take a lighthearted look at these things, if people are struggling at Christmas, it’s important to remember there are people to talk to, which can help make life that little bit easier.”

For more information about Christmas Tree World, visit https://www.christmastreeworld.co.uk/

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