The Selfie Bag from Cotton Bag Co

Did you know that 1,000 selfies are posted to instagram every ten seconds?

We were sent the Selfie Bag from Cotton Bag Co and we have been super impressed with it. The bag has a reflective sheet inside that helps create the perfect lighting for the perfect selfie! How clever is that? Very. Inside the bag it also has a selfie stick holder and a zipped pocket for your valuables. I easily could fit my phone, keys and purse inside.

Something that really impressed me was the design of the bag, easily be something I would have bought for the style alone anyway. Also, the quality of the bag is really impressive. I’ve used this for a heavy food shop and it was easy to put it over my shoulder when carrying it from car to inside my house. It would make the ideal gift too for anyone that you know that loves to take a selfie! Or not, because the quality of the bag is so good that this will soon become your favourite shopping bag for sure.

The reflective sheet inside the selfie bag

Would be the perfect gift for a teen, that was who properly tested this out and now I’ll need to purchase another (or a few) as it’s now her favourite too. Includes a selfie guide with each bag too which also features some selfie tips from Kim Kardashian.

Selfie stick holder and zipped compartment for your valuables

We have all got used to taking our bags with us when we go shopping now and Cotton Bag Co have everything you need to be environmentally friendly too. They also work with small brands and larger brands at printing your own bags too. So many awesome styles and colours are available.

You can also follow them on twitter and instagram.

*We were sent this for a review. We have been honest in reviewing it.

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