Why Sensual Massage Helps You to Get Back in Touch with Your Partner

Who doesn’t love a massage? From soothing aching limbs and melting away chronic headaches to improving circulation and getting the glow back in your skin, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. But did you know that massage is also a powerful tool you can use to reconnect with your partner?

Have you ever heard the phrase “stay in touch” or “lost touch”? They’re only some of the many expressions we use to talk about the connections that we have with other people. What these little phrases illustrate is the importance that touch plays in our relationships, and the sense of intimacy and connection we have with those we hold most dear. The problem is, for the majority of us in long-term relationships, that sense of touch is lost. Life and its various — and often conflicting — obligations and responsibilities get in the way of our relationships. Finding time to reconnect with your partner and take pleasure in the time you have with each other may be essential, but it often falls by the wayside.

Massage is an intimacy-boosing ritual that can bring touch back into your relationship and draw you closer to your partner. A sensual massage pushes the experience to a new level. It requires getting naked, getting intimate and getting back in touch with your partner.

Here are five delectable ways that sensual massage can boost your relationship with your partner.

Melts Away the Aches and Pains

Who has uttered or heard the phrase “not tonight darling, I have a headache?” It’s become the universal code for “no intimacy, please!” And it’s not surprising, really. Our lives are full of stresses and strains that take their toll on our bodies in the forms of creaks and cramps, headaches, and generally feeling worn down and burnt out. It’s hard to feel sexy or in the proverbial “mood” to get intimate when we don’t feel our best.

Thankfully, massages reduce stress, ease respiratory issues and aid relaxation. By releasing pressure and pain, and stimulating your body, massages strengthen your immune system, decrease nasty cortisol — the stress hormone — and help you to feel tranquil. It’s the perfect tonic to stressful days at work and those daily gripes we experience.

Supercharges the Romance

Remember how every moment spent with your partner felt intoxicatingly romantic in the beginning? Every glance induced butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms and dilated pupils, but, over time, these romantic moments become few and far between.

Our lives are stressful. Daily commutes; financial woes; family problems — they all build up and can leave us feeling stretched in a million directions. Because of this, romance is often the very last thing on our to-do list. Finding time to schedule that long-overdue date night is bumped right down until it becomes a faint dream. However, romance is an important aspect of all relationships and integral for keeping the fire burning.

Massage is a serious mood setter. Dimming the lights, lighting some candles and lathering up with a decadent massage oil while getting naked with your partner is a sure fire way to get the blood pumping. It’s also a cheap and easy way to do date night — there’s no need for a lavish dinner or expensive date night get-up. In fact, all you need to do is to get undressed and oil up.  Research has found that novelty in our relationships causes our brains to release a flood of feel-good serotonin: the same hormone that flourishes when you first fall in love. By inviting sensual massage into your relationship, you actually can experience what it was like the first time.

Rebuilds Trust

We’ve all been warned that there is no relationship without trust, and it’s absolutely true.

When we lose connection with our partners, one of the first areas of our relationships to break down is trust. Trust takes work — time, dedication and effort on both parts — and yet it can be broken in one fell swoop.

The gentle touch of massage is proven to help build trust and supercharge your bond with your partner. Just like with sex, massage requires the receiver to give into their pleasure — to trust the hands of their loved one as they stimulate and explore their body. In a state of relaxation, you’re open and receptive to the rhythmical motion of your partner’s healing hands. It’s a steamed-up, stripped-down version of the trust game, and a whole lot more fun! Trust us, it’s intensely powerful to both feel your partner surrender to you and to surrender yourself to the touch of your partner.

Improves Intimacy

Intimacy is that feeling of being emotionally close to another person. It’s that intoxicating combination of being vulnerable to someone and yet feeling totally and utterly safe in your relationship with them. On the other hand, when intimacy dies in a relationship, we are left feeling cold, distanced and rejected by our loved ones.  And, unfortunately, it’s easy for intimacy to break down because it isn’t something that just happens — it’s carefully and continually cultivated by partners through private moments and shared experiences.

When was the last time you and your partner spent some proper time together? We’re not talking binge-watching Netflix next to your partner or chowing down on a mid-week meal in silence in front of the TV. We’re talking about that ever-elusive “quality time”. A time that isn’t taken up with fraught discussions about work problems, kids or finances, or that isn’t squeezed between aimless scrolling on your phone and frantic emailing. We’re willing to bet it was probably a while ago, right?

Massage requires you to focus all of your attention on your partner: their body, their pleasure, their desires and their fears. It’s a space free from distractions where you are forced to become attuned to one another and build the all-important intimacy that you crave.

Increases Body Confidence

Between Instagram feeds, Facebook updates of beautiful beach bodies and the unrelenting media coverage of gorgeous celebrities, we’re constantly bombarded with images of people who have better bodies, better skin and, seemingly, better lives than us. And it turns out that all that exposure to other peoples’ carefully curated social media lives takes its toll on us and results in a crippling lack of self-confidence and a fear of getting naked, even in front of our partners.

Massage provides a safe place to explore your partner’s body and, more importantly, your own body. By focusing on your pleasure points, areas of stimulation, and the sensation of touch, you’re slowly freed from the anxieties and insecurities that you feel and can open yourself up to the experience. As a wonderful bonus, not only do you become more body positive, but all that time spent with your partner focusing on their body and pleasure points will also improve your sexual relationship. The more you know about your body, the better equipped you are to please it, and the same goes for your partner.

The benefits of massage are profound and long-lasting: deeper intimacy, stronger trust and greater body positivity. But if you’re not sure where to begin with your sensual massage, call in the professionals. UK Massage Guide is the biggest nationwide massage directory of qualified masseuses who offer sensual couple massages and intimate body-to-body massages that can help you to experience the full benefits of massage in your life.

Author Bio: Charlotte Willoughby works for UK Massage Guide, the most comprehensive massage directory in the UK for sensual massages.

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