Airing your dirty laundry

Picture the scenario, your sister has come to stay in your spare room for the weekend and straight away as she leaves your Mum is coming to stay, do you change the sheets?

This isn’t some kind of obsessive cleanliness thing but I would change the sheets. Anyone who comes to stay in our home has fresh sheets, in fact fresh sheets, towels, pot pourri, flowers etc. Wait I’m not an obsessive cleaner! Honest.

Anyway it seems there’s a high amount of people who would not change their sheets when they are all from the same family. Personally that thought makes me cringe and I love my family but there are limits. Right? Or am I being obsessively clean here?

Also do you remember when your Mum moaned at you for not making your bed? (maybe she still does!)

Well it’s a good thing as dust mites don’t like a messy bed either, the bed is too dry. An unmade bed lets the moisture air out that the little bugs need to live. So when you get moaned at for not making your bed, you have an excuse! 🙂

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