No resolutions for me

Happy New Year!

I’ve never been able to keep New Year Resolutions.

Maybe I’ve had them a few weeks but mostly it’s just not going to work for me.

Some people can really stick to New Year Resolutions and that’s great but they are not for me.

I do like setting goals but I do tend to do this more in school years so I’d set some in September which have been going well. Here are a few;

Meat free Mondays – have extended this to being three nights a week too.

Reading more – I’d set a goal to read 10 books between September and the end of the year. I finished that. Will set a new one for the year on Goodreads – will probably go for 30. I seem to have periods of reading a load and then not so much.

Save a bit more money every month.

I do daily walks with my dog but I’ve extended them a bit recently, which was good for both of us.

Do you set any resolutions? Any tips for keeping them?

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