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How to Survive Final Exams

April 29, 2013 Parneaus 0

With Spring peeling away from the edges, slivers of Summer are already beginning to burst through. Students everywhere are beginning to look out their windows […]

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Songs to Run To

December 2, 2011 Parneaus 1

I love to run. Simple as that. But if I really want to get pumped for a run, I need a good playlist going. I […]

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November 26, 2011 Parneaus 0

“The People’s Fashion Destination.” All you fashion lovers out there, this is a website for you! Chictopia is a website where you can post up […]

How Do You Learn?

November 6, 2011 Parneaus 0

People are all different, and everyone retains information in different ways. When learning something, you may use a different method than your friend to remember […]


October 9, 2011 Parneaus 0

November is fast approaching, and with it brings a big challenge. November is National Novel Writing Month, shortened to NaNoWriMo. But what is this big […]


September 5, 2011 Parneaus 0

Kimbra Johnson, known as Kimbra in the music industry, is a songwriter from New Zealand. She started recording singles in 2005, and is working at […]

Maintaining a Good Posture

September 1, 2011 Parneaus 0

Having a good posture is very important; it helps your flexibility, prevents sore backs or necks, and helps make your workouts more efficient. Having a […]

Feeling Sorry For Celia

July 25, 2011 Parneaus 0

Life is pretty complicated for Elizabeth Clarry. Her best friend Celia keeps disappearing, her absent father suddenly reappears, and her communication with her mother consists […]

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World- A Review

July 14, 2011 Parneaus 1

Based on the graphic novel by Bryan Lee O’Mally, Scott Pilgrim Vs the World is a fast-paced, quirky, geeky comedy directed by Edgar Wright and […]

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