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From Mozart to modern music

February 15, 2011 Max 2

Modern music: it means different things to different people. You could say it’s pop, rock, Indy, dance, film scores, contemporary classical music, and so on. […]

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Pay It Forward

February 11, 2011 Mini Waffler 0

Made in 2000, a young student is set an assignment to “think of something to change the world and put it into action”. The student […]

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The Battle for Dave

February 4, 2011 Peter 1

  Everyone knows someone called Dave. Dave’s your pal, Dave’s your buddy, Dave’s a bit of a comedian etc. Well it seems that ‘Dave’ is […]

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Welcome to Sky Atlantic HD

February 1, 2011 Peter 3

Today heralds the launch of Sky’s latest channel, the incredibly expensive Sky Atlantic HD. The channel will replace the little watched Sky 3 and will be […]

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