all for eve

December 19, 2011 Sam 0

OMG it’s almost Christmas! I hope everyone is as excited as I am, and not at all stressed. 😉 Even though I think I might […]

Pretty Things from Maisielu

December 13, 2011 Sam 0

I love homemade creations; they’re like pieces of art. When you see or buy something homemade, you can see and feel how much thought, care […]

No Image

Etsy & Heartsy

October 28, 2011 blissbubbley 3

I seem to have turned Etsy & Hearty into a double act, well that’s because they are. They are a great double act and what’s […]


May 27, 2011 Mini Waffler 0

Chocolat is a novel by Joanne Harris, written in 1999 and then made into a film in 2000, it is a romance film with a […]

Dorothy Koomson

April 29, 2011 Mini Waffler 0

Fiction and storytelling are her passion…… These are her books The Cupid Effect The Chocolate Run My Best Friends Girl Marshmallows for Breakfast Goodnight, Beautiful […]

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Blackberry Wine by Joanne Harris

February 17, 2011 Mini Waffler 1

Many of you will have heard of the movie ‘Chocolat’, it was based on the book of the same name, written by Joanne Harris. She […]

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