Public Libraries online

February 9, 2011 1

We’re being faced with library closures due to the budget cuts that the Tory-led government is imposing on our local authorities.  In Manchester it has just […]

The Greatest Show on Earth

February 7, 2011 1

Unless you were sitting in a cave, with your fingers in your ears and a blindfold over your eyes, chances are you will have heard […]

The Heartbreak of Miscarriage

February 7, 2011 2

Amanda Holden loses her baby at 7 months read here Pregnancy, miscarriages, still born, the words that fill moms everywhere with joy then dread. As […]

Keep Complaining and Carry On

February 6, 2011 2

Great Britain is becoming well known for having a complaints culture. Most objects that you pick up and hold in the palm of your hand […]

Response to Telegraph’s dismissal of Q4 GDP

February 6, 2011 1

I wrote this as a comment on the Telegraph article from Jeremy Warner “Panic Over no double dip” My criticism of the article is […]

Born Offside #1

February 5, 2011 2

Football has been going mad for a long time in this country, but during the latest transfer window the game should have had a full psyche analysis […]

The Battle for Dave

February 4, 2011 1

  Everyone knows someone called Dave. Dave’s your pal, Dave’s your buddy, Dave’s a bit of a comedian etc. Well it seems that ‘Dave’ is […]

Blackpool to Appeal £25,000 Fine

February 2, 2011 0

I would like to this opportunity to applaud Blackpool and Ian Holloway for their decision to appeal the senseless fine imposed on them for supposedly […]

Welcome to Sky Atlantic HD

February 1, 2011 3

Today heralds the launch of Sky’s latest channel, the incredibly expensive Sky Atlantic HD. The channel will replace the little watched Sky 3 and will be […]

Manchester’s march to “capital”

January 31, 2011 1

Given Saturday’s simultaneous protest marches in Manchester and London, it is part of mounting evidence that there is now (good news) a co-capital in England. […]

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