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July 1, 2011 0

Hello, Edward Tuddleton here.  Part time swallow watcher, full time notice board inspector.  I would like to talk to you all about a subject that […]

Ed Miliband must support strikes

June 29, 2011 0

The following headline appeared in the Mirror today: “Miliband’s running scar-Ed from strikes” I agree with @Kevin_Maguire (follow him on twitter) and I would go […]

Sign2Music – Baby signing

June 26, 2011 0

Sign2music is Northern Ireland’s own baby signing company. It’s been specifically developed for the NI market. The owner of sign2music is local woman Deirdre McLaughlin, […]

The Ocarina of Time Returns

June 25, 2011 0

This year, Nintendo have re-released one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time- in 3D. The Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time has […]

Listen Up! – 5 Artists That You Have to Hear

June 21, 2011 0

I have never met anyone who doesn’t like music. Then again, I haven’t spent time with Amish folks, Quakers or even Buddhist monks. But I […]

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