Sarah’s Bakery Corner

May 25, 2011 0

It might have already become obvious to you but I love all things cake. Most of the time it involves the eating of and looking […]

Foster The People – Torches

May 24, 2011 0

Foster The People, a three-piece band from Los Angeles, California, have at long last released their first full-length LP, Torches. And it is fantastic. They have […]

Nouvelle Vague (band)

May 23, 2011 0

This little French band entertains me on a Sunday morning 🙂 Now obviously Marc Collins and Olivier Libaux aren’t right in my room, though sometimes […]

60 Second Interview – Max

May 23, 2011 0

  Name: Max   Age: 44   Occupation: Work in a university   What celebrity would you invite to your birthday party? Nick Frost   […]

Disney Pixar Reviews: Up

May 19, 2011 0

Right then Up. Get ready to cry. This will get you crying in the first twenty minutes, uncontrollably… like a baby. Yes even grown men […]

To flirt or not to flirt??

May 18, 2011 0

To flirt or not to flirt? Flirting is a playful, romantic or sexual overture by one person to another subtly indicating an interest in a […]

Coalition Crumpet

May 18, 2011 0

Nick Clegg sat on a bench on his veranda gazing out into the countryside.  In the distance the Sun was setting casting an orange glow […]

Amazon Kindle

May 17, 2011 0

As my wife loves reading, so I decided to buy her an Amazon Kindle for Christmas. I wouldn’t classify myself as a dedicated reader, however […]

Super Injunction Breaker

May 16, 2011 0

Hello everyone.  I am now going to shock you all and provide the Daily Waffle with a world-wide scoop as I break a Super Injunction.  […]

Nick Clegg writes to Lib Dems

May 16, 2011 0

Hello everyone, Nick Clegg here. After a rather weary week for the Liberal Democrats and our supporters, or what’s left of them, there have been […]

iPhone Free-App Review – Stick Cricket

May 14, 2011 0

I’m usually not a fan of free versions of priced games. They usually do enough to tease you into buying the full price game (which […]

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