Three Kid Friendly Comic Books

December 9, 2011 1

The comics industry, and its fans, have spent a lot of time and energy hammering home the message that comics ‘aren’t for kids.’ And this […]

A Crash Course in Cosplay

November 27, 2011 0

Cosplay has become synonymous with comic conventions in the last decade or so, spreading into a thriving and passionate subculture of dedicated and talented fans. […]

Stylish Steampunk Inspired Reads

October 13, 2011 1

Steampunk seems to be one of those previously fringe genres that has gained prominence in mainstream culture in recent years. For the few who don’t already have […]

Women In Comics And How You Can Make A Difference

August 1, 2011 1

The subject of female involvement in the comics industry is a controversial one. There are many opinions on the number of women writers and artists, […]

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