Healthy Snack Swaps That Satisfy Any Craving

Many people have become slaves of snacking. This is because they have made cookies as part of their daily diets.  Having an intense urge or desire to take specific snacks may come with a number of side effects whereby weight gain is one of the major side effects.  The truth, however, is that cravings can be hard to ignore or avoid; this makes it even harder to control cravings. That is why healthy snack swaps are important to replace the junk snacks that come with devastating side effects. The snack swaps listed below will help satisfy the common cravings for sweet, salty or savory snacks.

Always consider including fruits, vegetables, whole grains and drinking plenty of water

Snackaholics often find it hard to ignore cravings for food between meals or their nagging sweet tooth. If this is the case and still struggling to lose weight, then considering the snack swap option will help a great deal. According to research studies, there are many health benefits of drinking water and prevention of cravings is one of them Let’s have a look at three major cravings that many people experience.

Sweet cravings

People love sugary things and most often find them snacking things like chocolates after and between whole meals in a day. The side effects with this include weight gain. A sweet snack swap would be very ideal in this case. For better and healthy living, it is advisable to observe a healthy diet plan to prevent the risks of calorie high-calorie intake.

  • Full-fat Greek yogurt

This yogurt is naturally sweetened using honey or berries. This snack swap is rich in filling protein, calcium and fewer amounts of harmful sugars.

This is considered better than the fat-free yogurt selling in the store. For comparison between the two, check here

  • Pumpkin chocolate chia pudding

In this case, chia seeds are used to help fill your stomach between whole meals. The seeds are known for a low-calorie content and full of fiber and antioxidants that are useful in the body. Adding some chocolate and pumpkin to these seeds can make the perfect afternoon snack that is healthy.

Get the recipe here

  • Healthy chocolate fudge

This takes only 10 minutes to prepare and is very healthy. The fudge is rich in super food ingredients that will make you full throughout the day suppressing hunger and cravings for snacking.

Get the recipe for the healthy chocolate fudge here

  • Peanut butter cookie dough balls

Simply because they are covered with chocolate does not mean they are high in sugar content. In fact, they are gluten-free, vegan, grain and refined sugar-free, however, they taste so good you can’t believe it. A recipe for preparing this can be extracted here

  • Chocolate peanut butter shake
Chocolate banana smoothie with chia seed on a rustic table.

This is one of the simplest shakes you can ever prepare; it is healthy and low in fat content. It is prepared by mixing peanut butter and cacao to make your amazing mid-afternoon or after-dinner snacks that drive your cravings away. The goodness with this is that it is so tasty you will not even think of taking the chuck snacks that are harmful to your body. Learn how to prepare this snack by reading through this recipe

Salty cravings

Some people have cravings for salty foods and the remedy is in the following;

  • Flavored nuts

Unlike the whole grain chips that many people think is healthy, flavored nuts sprinkled with sweet chili or other flavors gives you the taste of the addictive flavor of chips that brings a serious craving. This snack is full of necessary fiber and protein to keep you full throughout the day. You may consider using some of the healthiest nuts on earth like pistachios.

Savory cravings

  • Salted cashew chocolate blusters

This type of snack swap is packed with antioxidants, energy, vitamins, and minerals that keep you full throughout. With just a single serving in a day, you will be able to get enough of potassium, copper, magnesium, manganese, iron and zinc minerals which are crucial in preventing diseases in the body.

The snack swap also has a savory touch that will prevent the cravings you always experience.

Read through this recipe for salted cashew chocolate clusters.

Other snack swaps for different cravings

  • Avocado, bacon and tomato toast

As earlier mentioned, fruits are crucial in curbing food cravings. Such fruits like avocado are rich in vitamins and heart healthy fats unlike the chunk foods that many people snack in between meals. Preparing this snack is simple but guarantees that you get something that is low in harmful sugar content but high in essential protein content that will keep you full of energy and drive your cravings away.

Get the recipe for this here

  • Peanut butter maple bacon granola bars

If you have never tried this type of snack swap, it is time you did. Bacon is always delicious whichever way you eat it; it is even better when you combine it with maple syrup. These granola bars can be own home made to perfectly substitute store brands that many people are used to buying. You only use maple syrup as the sweetener and the rest of the ingredients common. You do not use the refined sugars that are associated with many side effects in the body. You may as well swap the butter for coconut oil which is one of the crucial essential oils that offers a variety of benefits to the body.

A recipe for this can be read here

  • Watermelon and goat cheese bites

Watermelon is another essential fruit that you will have to take in between meals as a whole or prepared as a snack when combined with goat cheese. The combination of the goat cheese, watermelon and bacon is something you will become a fan of very fast due to its low calorie and fat content. As much as you wish to cut down on dairy from your diet, you need to know that a small amount is necessary for your brain. That is exactly what this snack gives you.

Get the recipe for this here

Nutritionists often advise that the snack swaps you take follow similar nutritional guidelines as the main meals. The snacks need to contribute to the fruit, vegetable, and whole grain objectives so as to avoid unnecessary accumulation of calories in the body. Avocados, dried banana chips, hummus, fruits and peanut butter are among the greatest snacking options you can turn to and never worry about adding unwanted pounds.

There are quite many snack swaps available that you have no excuse for taking the high calorie and harmful snacks on a daily basis. The good thing is that the snacks are quite healthy and delicious at the same time. Dark chocolate, frozen chocolate banana, choco-nut popcorn and banana ice cream among several others will simply help you to curb your cravings and reduce the amount of calorie intake in a day.


In case you are overweight and been struggling with weight loss, it is time to curb your cravings with these amazing healthy snap swaps. In addition, you may consider using weight loss supplements such as the amazing Meratrim that is taking the market by storm due to its effectiveness in weight loss.


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