Aeropress Review from @coffeeteaclub

I was sent a Aeropress Coffee Maker to review from Coffee Tea Club.

The product is described as:

The AeroPress is a revolutionary new way to make perfect coffee every time. It really is so simple to use that once you own an AeroPress you won’t want to go back to instant coffee or using far more expensive coffee brewers. The AeroPress uses gentle air pressure with creates a smooth rich flavour with lower acidity and without bitterness. Other coffee makers drip hot water on to a bed of ground coffee which results in over extracting at the centre and under extracting the flavour from the edges, but the AeroPress brewing system results in uniform extraction for the ultimate in full coffee flavour. The AeroPress comes with full instructions for use; just add your coffee and water!

I’d heard and seen these were extremely popular with those who travel, especially those who travel just using a backpack. The photo below gives you a size guide of how big the kit is. The filter box is separate but I guess you could just store these in a bag.

I had high expectations of what this would be like and I wasn’t disappointed. The instructions are easy to follow, with diagrams to assist you. I didn’t find the process tricky to pour or in the cleaning up after. The coffee itself was definitely smoother in taste. I love iced coffees (yes, even in this weather) and this was perfect to use for this as it did give me a richer, smoother base for my ice. I also used it to keep coffee in my flask for work, generally the coffee stayed stronger than normal. For a gadget piece of kit I was impressed. I would recommend this for coffee lovers. It does need a bit of storage at home or on your travels but it is really worth it.

Check out the Coffee Tea Club and check out their Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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