Album Review: Sluka – Introversions


A lot of music these days is all about the latest and newest music but sometimes you come across a relatively unknown band that actually might not be that unknown. Maybe it’s you that just hasn’t come across them yet, Sluka could fit into that category. Sluka have already recorded ten studio albums for example!

Sluka is Christopher Sluka and he does everything, all the instruments (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, violin, vocals) and he has a fanbase that spans across continents. He was born near Seattle and has enjoyed a multinational ubringing, being raised all around the world. This I feel shows a little in his music style.

Described as a visionary, his style has developed and matured but he has always been enigmatic and has received an international reputation for his live performances. He has been lucky to work and perform with some of the most gifted and talented musicians. Christopher is also a visual artist too, his surreal oil paintings have graced wall space across the world.

There is now a Blu Ray video album of Inversions and he is currently touring Europe. Next year he will be releasing another studio album before starting a festival tour in the summer.

Introversions Album List

Valentine Lies

A San Diego Zoo

Sunday’s Child


Doctor Strangelove

Even The Knights Love Caesar




Fear of Ordinary Life

Sadder Than Sad


Gothic Cavalier

I totally get the comparison of why his music has been likened to a David Bowie sound. The voice is there for sure but this album is so diverse, there’s a lot here for everyone. Just when you think you’ve worked out the album, a hint of punk comes in or the catchy lyrics of ‘Paralyzed’ grab you. I think a younger audience might not relate to the difference in music here. I loved it and need to investgate his other albums.

The Blu Ray of Introversions is available on amazon

Stream the album here on bandcamp

Also check out the website


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