5 Home Improvements for 2019

There’s nothing like scrolling through social media, especially on instagram and feeling like your home is never going to look like the ones you see on there. I don’t have the budget to do everything that I really want to but do I really want to have a home that looks more like a show home? No. So I stopped the scrolling and decided to put a plan of action into what I’d like to do in the home for 2019 that would make me feel like it was more of how I wanted it to be.

Doors and windows

They haven’t been changed in a while and I had a reminder in my planner to get a quote in January. I think this is fairly a big project and also costly but I’ve no idea how much it would be. I’ll try Three Counties Windows for a quote. I’ve been thinking more about getting a new front door recently but if the budget won’t allow then I could just repaint it.

Sorting out the loft

Let’s be honest the annual find of the christmas decorations always reminds us of how bad our lofts are. Mine is overcrowded and it needs to be sorted. It did also feel really cold when I was up there too so I need to get the roofing and insulation checked too.

Bedroom Floor

I’m halfway on this one so this is a bit of a sneaky addition. I’ve a quote to have our bedroom floor re-done. A few heavy items of furniture had cracked the existing flooring and generally wear and tear had made it look tired. I just need to book when it will get done and to move all the furniture out of the room.


Our main bathroom was done this year and I have some leftover tiles that I want to use in our ensuite, again I’m halfway through a project. But tiles can look so grimy and dirty over time and our ensuite looked fine until we got the bathroom done and I totally could see the difference.


I love our garden but the harsh winter that seems about to start to kick in and a very hot summer have made the garden look a little out of love. It is sad as I love being in the garden and I love gardening too. It’s something that I properly neglected with planning in 2018 but have already started to plan some ideas for 2019. I want to get more bulbs into the garden and also some tall trees. I need to also sort out the shed as I think I’ve too many pots that need to be decluttered. I might even paint some of them this year to add some more colour to the garden. I’m planning ahead for more outdoor dining in a place that feels welcoming and an addition to the home.

I might even get some painting done as an extra 6th thing…

So what about you? Any plans for home improvements for 2019? Do you like to plan these sort of things in advance?

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