How to sell your business using a Virtual Data Room

With thousands of businesses being the sold each year, business owners decide to sell their businesses for a variety of reasons, such as the loss of a spouse or a business partner, or because of lack of profitability. Others may decide to only sale a certain division of their business due to the discontinuation of a product line or for other reasons. 

Regardless of why business owners decide to sell their business, a lot of effort must be put into getting the business prepared for the sale.
One of the primary requirements to ensure that this process takes place in a smooth manner is to have the proper data to present to interested parties and / or investors. This information usually consists of historical financial information about your company’s past performance, such as financial statements consisting of profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and statement of cash flows. Other documents include valuations, company history, the highest and poorest performing product lines, banking information, management and ownership information, customer and vendor information, legal documents, contract agreements and other documents that may be requested.

Due diligence is also a major part of this process, whereby the information provided is verified by key parties. 

The Convenience of Using Virtual Data Rooms When Selling a Business 

The use of a virtual data room is a convenient way to manage the merger and acquisition process. It is confidential, secure and user-friendly. The virtual data room costs is very reasonable too, particularly compared the convenience that it provides.

A Virtual Data Room, often referred to as a VDR is somewhat of an online storeroom used to store information and disperse documents. VDR’s also share data and acts as a means to facilitate all aspects of the due diligence process. It also serves as a means to facilitate private equity as well as venture capital related transactions as well.

Previously, physical data rooms were the traditional mode of facilitation, prior to being replaced by the virtual data room. The traditional, physical data rooms previously facilitated the due diligence process to disclose key documents. However, it has been determined that the virtual data rooms are much more convenient, offers high-security, are cost efficient and very effective.

Virtual data rooms are used across a wide variety of industries. So regardless of what type of business you may have, they will be able to accommodate your information. 

They also work as an extranet to accommodate bidders, along with their advisers, whereby access is provided via the Internet during the due diligence process of a merger and acquisition transaction. The term extranet is basically a website that has limited capabilities and control access. It uses a secure logon process that has been provided by the vendor. And it is the vendor who can also disable this secure logon process at any time.

Since the information contained in virtual data rooms are strictly confidential, restrictions have been securely set. So activities such as copying, printing or forwarding information to others has been restricted. This is possible by using digital rights management designed to provide full protection and security to the data.

The Role Of a Virtual Data Room During the Merger and Acquisition Process

The virtual data room plays a vital role during the merger and acquisition process. It is positioned as one of the core repositories of important data that pertains to selling a business. It houses important company data that is needed for viewers to determine if purchasing the business would be a viable acquisition.

The good thing about using virtual data rooms during the merger and acquisition process is that the information remains confidential as it is maintained in a controlled environment. It only allows key individuals, such as bidders and their members or designated representatives such as attorneys or investment bankers to gain access to the information needed. Because of the state-of-the-art technology that’s associated with operating VDR’s, it has been known to provide such an increase in convenience, that the overall bidding process has been decreased by approximately 30 days compared to the traditional physical data rooms.

Due Diligence Specific Virtual Data Rooms

Using a due diligence specific virtual data allows business owners to provide everything that is needed to all of the parties involved in the business acquisition process. A due diligence checklist is normally made available making the process much more streamlined for everyone involved.

To summarize, the due diligence virtual data room is where you are able to place all of your company’s relevant business information (both historical and the future information of your business,) so that it can be viewed by interested parties in a controlled environment – all in one place – hence simplifying the overall merger and acquisition process. The best part of all is that the virtual data room costs are affordable too.

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