Looking to guest post

Really simple to apply to guest post with us;

Email sarah@dailywaffle.co.uk with ‘guest post’ in the title with the following information

  • At least one link to previous content of yours being published. 

You can contact us to check an idea before sending your article or do the below:-

  • Send your article which should try to include one link to content found on our site (winning!). The rest should be link free!
  • Your link goes into your author bio at the bottom.
  • Write at least 400 words (unique content only!) and attach any images (at most 2) separately in your email. We will normally only use one so if you have a preference, please state which one.
  • Include your author bio at the bottom with at least one social network to find you on (preferably twitter so we can link to you) and include your link for your site too!

We will try to reply to all requests but if we haven’t replied within 7 working days then please publish your content elsewhere. Also maybe check that you have correctly done all the above… 😉

We also have sponsored post options too, email Sarah (email above) and include the word ‘sponsored’ in your email title. Thanks!

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